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I Need A P/SS PS2
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Author:  Ptmmtp [ Wed Dec 09, 2009 2:38 pm ]
Post subject:  I Need A P/SS PS2

Hey, I'm not very good at making Pitchers, so could someone help me out and make him for me please?

All the info you need (If something is left out or need more specific, let me know)

Name: Brandon Parsons
NickName: BP
B-Day: May 22, 1988 (Because that's the youngest they go)
Favorite Team: Yankees
Jersey Number: 11

Looks (I can get specific numbers if needed)
Face: Intimidator Eyes
Skin Color: 1 (Thick Eyebrows)
Hair: Pretty much Ichiro's hair style (Dark Brown)
Facial Hair: Chin Strap (No Point) (Dark Borwn)
Extra Features: Eye Black
Glove Color: Med Brown
Bat Color: Standard White

Now For Skills:
Pos: Main Pitcher/ Secondary SS
Trj: 3
Con: B
Pwr: C
Arm Str: A
Run Spd: B
Fld: C
E Res: C
Feilder Abilities: Cannon Arm, Power Hitter, Throwing 4, 2nd Pos 4, Table Setter, and Walk Off Hitter

Stam: B
Ctrl: A
Top Spd: 96
Pitch Types: 4Seam, Cutter 3, Chg 4, Kn 3, Sld 5
Pitcher Abilities: Gyroball, Dr. K, Intimidator, Gd Reflexes, Gd Low Ball Pitch, Safe Pitch, Gd Delivery, Release 4, Fastball Life 4, and Poise 4.

Other Abilities: Starter, Sparkplug, and Gd Pace
Other Information
Batting Stance: Standard Stance
Pitching Stance: Mark Prior

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