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The New Era of Baseball: United Baseball League
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Author:  cdawg023 [ Wed Jul 04, 2018 5:55 pm ]
Post subject:  The New Era of Baseball: United Baseball League

So I brushed off my wii and noticed i had done a bunch of edits to the rosters. I thought it be cool to do a Season Log with a 30 Team fictional league. It's a mix mash of real players that I punched in via the player updates, and just random edits. I'm going to try to report over a whole league in entirety just to do something different. Hope everybody enjoys

Welcome to the United Baseball League
The new era in professional baseball across north america. After a elongated player's strike and struggling finances of multitude of organizations. We as a league have decided to lead the charge for a new generation of baseball. The United Baseball League is a league meant for Owner's to get a return on investment while letting players enjoy baseball in a true form, emotions and with character. We hope that everyone enjoys the inaugural season and find a team to root for, as we announce the 30 teams participating in the league.

Norfolk Nationals Image
Team Colors: Red,Blue,White
Team Location: Norfolk,VA
Stadium Name: Republic Field (Nationals Park)
Owner: Virginia Sports Inc
General Manager: Jim Bowen
Manager: Alex Cora

Richmond Blue Claws Image
Team Colors: Baby Blue, Navy, White
Team Location: Richmond, Va
Stadium Name: Captial One Ballpark (Petco Park)
Owner: David Glass
General Manager: Nolan Ryan
Manager: Bruce Bochy

Round Rock Renegades Image
Team Colors: Navy Blue, Yellow, White
Team Location: Round Rock, TX
Stadium Name: Valero Field (U.S. Cellular)
Owner: Joseph W. Gorder
General Manager: Jon Daniels
Manager: Ron Washington

Durham Dragons Image
Team Colors: Mazie, Blue, White
Team Location: Durham, NC
Stadium Name: State Memorial Ballpark (Camden Yards)
Owner: Louis Camilleri
General Manager: J.P. Ricciardi
Manager: Nick Capara

Montreal Reapers Image
Team Colors: Black, Gold, White
Team Location: Montreal, CAN
Stadium Name: Quebec Metro Ballpark (Rogers Centre)
Owner: George Cope
General Manager: Demarlo Hale
Manager: Edgar Martinez

Charlotte Warriors Image
Team Colors: Navy Blue, Gold, White
Team Location: Charlotte, NC
Stadium Name: Time Warner Stadium (GoldenApples)
Owner: Robert D Marcus
General Manager: Parker Norwood
Manager: Terry Francona

Toledo Lions Image
Team Colors: Yellow,Grey,White
Team Location: Toledo,OH
Stadium Name: Main Street Stadium (Progressive)
Owner: Illitch Holding Group Inc
General Manager: Kevin Cash
Manager: Joe Buck

Edmonton Raptors Image
Team Colors: Red,Purple,Black
Team Location: Edmonton, Canada
Stadium Name: Horton's Field (Comerica)
Owner: Al Monaco
General Manager: Ned Yost
Manager: Mark McGwire

Columbus Falcons Image
Team Colors: Yellow, Black, White
Team Location: Columbus,OH
Stadium Name: Columbus Dome (Meterodome)
Owner: Dan Gilbert
General Manager: Gene Alston
Manager: Curt Schillings

Omaha Cougars Image
Team Colors: Gold, Red, Blue
Team Location: Omaha,NE
Stadium Name: TD Ameritrade (Comerica)
Owner: Al Monaco
General Manager: Ned Yost
Manager: Mark McGwire

Iowa City Broncos Image
Team Colors: Orange, Blue
Team Location: Iowa City, IA
Stadium Name: Monsanto Stadium
Owner: James Swanson
General Manager: Sam Bernabee
Manager: Sandy Alomar

Las Vegas Wolfpack Image
Team Colors: Red, Blue, White
Team Location: Las Vegas, NV
Stadium Name: MGM Resorts Stadium (Panpaka)
Owner: James Murren
General Manager: Dan Mason
Manager: Gary Jones

Buffalo Bulldogs Image
Team Colors: Red, Black, Grey
Team Location: Buffalo, NY
Stadium Name: Coca-Cola Field (Suburban)
Owner: Bob Rich Jr
General Manager: J.J. Picollo
Manager: Bobby Meacham

Honolulu Bluefins Image
Team Colors: Blue, Orange, White
Team Location: Honolulu, HI
Stadium Name: Palm Tree Diamond (Rainbow Field)
Owner: Comcast Spectator Inc
General Manager: Jamie Hartfield
Manager: Mike Redmond

San Antonio Samurais Image
Team Colors: Red, Yellow, Black
Team Location: San Antonio
Stadium Name: Phillips 66 Park (Local Ballpark)
Owner: Samurais Inc
General Manager: Ryan Long
Manager: Tim Planter

Colorado Springs Panthers Image
Team Colors: Blue, Black, Whie
Team Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Stadium Name: Municipal Stadium (AT&T)
Owner: David Rainbolt
General Manager: J.J. Picollo
Manager: Chris Woodward

Jacksonville Firehawks Image
Team Colors: Red, Yellow, Bllue
Team Location: Jacksonville, FL
Stadium Name: Gulfshore Field (Shea Stadium)
Owner: Micheal Nolan
General Manager: Jimmy Harlow
Manager: Wally Owens

Scranton Wildcats Image
Team Colors: Purple, Gold, Black
Team Location: Scranton, PA
Stadium Name: Hershey Ballpark (Citizens Bank)
Owner: Micheal Buck
General Manager: Josh Olerud
Manager: Doug Mientkiewicz

Tuscon Dirt Devils Image
Team Colors: Red,Black,White
Team Location: Tuscon, AZ
Stadium Name: CitiBank Park (Chase Field)
Owner: Tuscon Baseball Holding Inc
General Manager: John Gibbons
Manager: Rick Honeycutt

New Orleans Blue Sox Image
Team Colors: Blue, White, Grey
Team Location: New Olreans, LA
Stadium Name: Tidewater Field (Nationals Park)
Owner: John Rynd
General Manager: Quinton Galston
Manager: Craig Counsell

Portland Demons Image
Team Colors: Red, Black, White
Team Location: Portland, OR
Stadium Name: Intel Field (Dodgers Stadium)
Owner: Howard Schultz
General Manager: Micheal Girsch
Manager: Mike Scioscia

Tennessee Hornets Image
Team Colors: Yellow, Black, White
Team Location: Nashville, TN
Stadium Name: Fedex Park (Busch Stadium)
Owner: Softbank Corporation
General Manager: Vincent Pierson
Manager: Joe Dillion

Utah Chill Image
Team Colors: Blue, White, Black
Team Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Stadium Name: Pepsi-Cola Park (Minute Maid)
Owner: Bruce Ratner
General Manager: A.J. Peller
Manager: Bud Black

San Jose Knights Image
Team Colors: Blue, Gold, Black
Team Location: San Jose, CA
Stadium Name: Pacific Stadium (Wrigley)
Owner: Conway Family Holdings Inc
General Manager: Stephen Conway
Manager: Todd Whitting

Phoenix Wings Image
Team Colors: Blue, White, Grey
Team Location: Phoenix, AZ
Stadium Name: Banner Health Stadiu (Suburban)
Owner: Christopher Henson
General Manager: Randy Johnson
Manager: Kieth Dugger

Indianapolis Wizards Image
Team Colors: Blue, Yellow, White
Team Location: Indianapolis, IN
Stadium Name: Todd Young Ballpark (Arlington Ballpark)
Owner: IndyBall Inc
General Manager: Rich Greenburg
Manager: Jeff King

Portland Venom Image
Team Colors: Green, Yellow, White
Team Location: Portland, OR
Stadium Name: Intel Field (Dodgers Stadium)
Owner: Portland Baseball Holding Inc
General Manager: Matt Arnold
Manager: Joey Core

New England Senators Image
Team Colors: Red White Blue
Team Location: Foxborough,MA
Stadium Name: Foxoborough Field (Great American)
Owner: Robert Kraft
General Manager: Chris Antonetti
Manager: Dusty Baker

Sacramento Sharks Image
Team Colors: Teal, Orange, Black
Team Location: Sacramento,CA
Stadium Name: Cisco Field (Petco)
Owner: Bad Boys Sports Inc
General Manager: Tony Reagins
Manager: Cecil Cooper

Denver Navigators Image
Team Colors: Blue, Yellow, White
Team Location: Denver, CO
Stadium Name: Davita Field (Coors Field)
Owner: Mike Staffieri
General Manager: Santiago Arana
Manager: Chipper Jones

Miami Macaws Image
Team Colors: Green,Yellow,Red
Team Location: Miami, FL
Stadium Name: Miami-Dade County Field (Miami)
Owner: Miami Holding Inc
General Manager: Jerry Dipoto
Manager: Ozzie Gullien


Upcoming News
  • Division Placement
  • Announcing of Draft Order
  • Team Draft Grades
  • Preseason Predictions

Stay tuned in, hope everyone finds a team to cheer for and enjoy the upcoming season. I'm still doing tweaks to rosters at the moment. So please bare with me on this. I'm trying to making a cool immersive League through forum post, and trying to be different takes a little time.

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